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About Ad Creator

How to use Ad Creator

Save time and energy when creating  Facebook ads.

Ad Creator helps you publish Facebook ads in bulk, from an Excel template to existing ad sets and campaigns.

How to publish ads with Ad Creator

  1. Create your campaigns and ad sets on Facebook
  2. Download your template
  3. Fill your template on Ad Creator
  4. Upload your template on Ad Creator to publish your ads (more details below)

Before you start, here are some points to keep in mind

✅You can publish ads in different campaigns and ad sets at the same time.

⚠️You need to create your campaigns and ad sets on Facebook Ads Manager, before creating your ads via Ad Creator.

Detailed process to publish ads

  1. From the main page of Ad Creator, create a project.

    1. Choose a name for your project and what kind of ad format you want to publish. Login to Facebook and choose an ad account in which to publish your ads.

  2. From the main page of your project, download a .CSV template.

  3. Fill the template with the data you want for your ads (description, headline, pixel to use, image or video, etc). Detailed explanations on how to fill your Ad Creator template are available via the link "How to fill your template?"

  4. Back in your Ad Creator project, upload your filled template as a .CSV file, let Ad Creator validate it and start the publiashing.

    1. You can leave Ad Creator during the publishing process. Closing your tab, browser or log out of The Next Ad does not stop a publishing process. You can come back later to see how the publishing went.

    2. Ad Creator will inform you of the success or failure of your publishing run.

    3. You can run as many publishings as you want in a project.

    4. For each run, you can download a new template with either the ads whose publishing failed only or the ads whose publishing succeeded.

      1. ℹ️When downloading what failed, you can see what error message Facebook returned in the last column of the report

      2. ℹ️When downloading what succeded, you can see the Facebook ID of your ads in the last column of the report

    5. Once you are satisfied with what has been published in the project, you can confirm the latter. Then we will close the project and activate all ads published from it or leave them deactivated on Facebook Ads Manager.

      1. You can cancel a draft project at any time. We will then close the project and delete all ads published from it.

    6. That’s it! You have completed the publishing of your ads!

    Available ad formats

    • Single image

    • Single video

    • Single image with URL Single image with URL

    • Single video with URL

    • Carousel

    • Placement Asset Customisation (PAC)