About Asset Scheduler

How to use Asset Scheduler

Your assets being activated and paused when you are OFF

Asset Scheduler offers an intuitive way of scheduling the activation and pausing of your Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads on Facebook.

  1. From Asset Scheduler, login to Facebook
  2. Scan your ad account
  3. Drag and drop your assets on the calendar to schedule them

Before you start, here are some points to keep in mind

✅You can schedule several start dates and end dates for the same asset

Detailed process to schedule assets

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Select one of the ad accounts you have access to and scan it.
  3. After the scan, the campaigns present your ad account will be displayed. Select a campaign to see its ad sets and select an ad sets to see its ads.
  4. Drag and drop an asset (campaign,  ad set or ad) on the calendar to schedule it.
  5. By default, with the "month" view, your asset is scheduled to be active the entire day you have dropped it on.
  6. You can change the start date and end date of the schedule directly from the calendar, by moving or editing the rectangle representing your scheduled asset. You can change dates with the "month" view...
  7. ... and edit hours with the "week" view.
  8. You can also edit a schedule more in details or delete it by clicking on the rectangle representing that schedule.