Account preferences

As said in the '' article, you can change your account preferences in your profile in the top right corner of the screen. You can just hover over your name and a drop down menu will open showing My profile. Clicking this will open a page called My Profile

This page consists out of four different menus, namely; User data, Personal data, Alerts, and Desktops. 

The first menu is User data, which provides you with a way to change your password whereas the second menu shows your personal data and gives you the ability to change them.

You can change your name in the first boxes called First name and Last name, Below that you can change your signature and Email. Please note: it is not possible to change your username once your account is created. All other account information can be changed.

Next, you can fill in your phone number as well as select the language you want the platform to operate in. When first started, the program will be set to your native language if available. At present, it is possible to choose between Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish versions. 

Underneath the language menu, you will see your time zone. Please note that without a timezone, the system might not work.

Additionally, it is possible to receive alerts about publications or reactions on your e-mail. This can be done by going to the menu named Alerts and ticking the box "receive alerts via e-mail". After filling in your mobile phone number, you can also tick the box "receive alerts via SMS". Please note that the e-mail alert is only sent to your e-mail address if you've actively logged out of the system.



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