Account Suspensions

In this article we will list the most common account suspension types and provide more information on what this may be.

Your Google account has been suspended

While rare, it is possible that Google suspends your advertising account. This happens when your ads/campaigns break the Google Ads policies and/or Terms & Conditions. The following 2 articles explain in-dept what you are and are not allowed to do: Google Ads policies and Terms & Conditions.

Circumventing System Policies
This policy prevents users from engaging in practices that circumvent or interfere with Google's Advertising platform. Examples that fall under this suspension type are the act of cloaking, multiple and repeated policy violations and submitting false information.

Unacceptable Business Practices
This policy prevents users from manipulating ad components in an attempt to bypass approval regulations such as misspelling prohibited words or phrases.

Failed Business Verification

Google has requested a Business Verification from you and you failed to send in the required data. This will result into a suspension as Google is not able to show users who is behind the ads you've published and harms the transparency of advertising. You can still send us the requested information so we can still apply to verify your business. Your account will stay suspended until it's verified.


If you see your accounts have stopped spending completely, you can ask our support for help and we will see if a suspension might be the reason for the campaigns not spending. Please do note, we cannot and won't assist you if you choose to break the rules and guidelines set by Google. We strongly recommend following these rules as it will ensure your accounts are not suspended & your results improved.