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Ad Fatigue Optimisation (AFO)

What is the Ad Fatigue Optimisation?

Ad Fatigue Optimisation tests your ads to see which are the best performing. How are they tested? Ads will be turned on and off depending on their performance, according to the KPI you've selected.

The AFO is different from the Hyper Optimisation, which runs at ad set level, allocating budget between ad sets depending on how they perform according to the KPI you've selected. On the contrary, AFO runs at ad level.

Click on the following links to watch a step-by-step video of the ad fatigue optimisation in your language:

How to set it up

The first step to set it up is to select the KPI you want us to optimise your ads for. Cost per Result is the most common, since it will always respond to your campaign goal. There's a difference between optimising for Cost per Result and Results, which you can read here.

The second step is to select for how many hours you want us to test your ads, which is known as the testing period. If you select 24 hours, your ads will be tested during those 24 hours. Once the system has already tested all your ads and knows which are performing best, the ad fatigue optimisation will run every 30 minutes.

Finally, the last step is to select how many ads you want to have active at the same time. If you select 2, 2 ads will be always left ON.