Adding a full search

Adding a full search happens the same way as adding a quick search. When you open the 'Search Profiles' menu, you're able to see all your active search profiles and also manage your search profiles in the button in the top right corner of the menu. 

A popup will open with all your search profiles. By clicking the 'Add Full Search' button underneath the list of quick searches you'll enter the 'New Full Search' screen. First, pick a name for your full search. The name you give to your full search won't have any effect on the search results. From here on it's going to be a little bit more complicated. Next, you have to give up brand names. The full search will only look for results matching the brand name, so don't make it too specific. Write, if possible, your brand name in different ways. For example, different ways your fans write it. Same goes for the competitor's names. Filling in competitor names helps you see how often the competition is being mentioned with the subject.  

Next, you have to add subjects. To increase the accuracy of your full search, include and exclude subjects. For instance, you want to search for Apple iPhone we suggest you fill in Apple as brand name and add iPhone as a subject. To increase the accuracy exclude words such as pie and tree, so the search will take out results concerning apple trees and apple pies. Adding multiple subjects is done by clicking the 'plus' button. 

Just like the quick search you can specify your search using a language filter. Not selecting a language filter means you will see every message regardless of language, including messages without a language. By ctrl-clicking you can select multiple languages. Selecting a language filter is advised only when using very generic terms or internationally used words. When using a language specific word, you do not need to add a language filter. 

Last of all, select a Twitter channel if you want to reply to social results. Not doing so will change the social results to only tracking results. This means you can't like or respond to tweets in the social results.


Do note that after creating and activating a new full search it takes up to 24 hours for all results to load.


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