Adding a mention

For mentioning on Instagram & Facebook we're not allowed to search pages. This because of privacy rules Facebook has (if that changes in the future we'll change it here too). So instead you need to add the Instagram/Facebook page you want to mention first. 


Don't worry, adding new pages is easy and you can read all about it here.

So let's start by showing you where to find the mentions library. You can just open the composer to create a new post and in the left menu you'll see @. Just click on that and you'll open the mentions library.




When you're in the mentions library you can see and do a couple of things.

1. As the text already says ;-), you can search your mentions here. Here you can look up a previous added page in case you want to edit or delete it. If you can't find the page you want to mention but you know you've added them before you can look it up here. It might just be a typo.

2. Here you can see the search results and if you want to edit or delete them.

3. This is where to click when you want to add a new mention.


Adding a new mention

After you click Create new it's time to add a new page. Here we'll explain what you need to fill in and where. But first start with just opening Instagram in your browser and find the page you need.




1. Here you can fill in the page name. For example, if you want to mention us just type in Media Injection.

2. Fill in the handle of the page. 



3. Fill in the image path. Go to the Instagram page and move your mouse over the profile picture. Then right click or an a mac cmd+click. And choose copy image address. Once you copy the image address you can paste this in the image path.

You can create a mention without it but it makes searching a bit easier because you can recognize the profile picture.


4. Here you can fill in the url of the page. Just copy the link and past it.


5. After this press save and then you've added the page you want to mention. 

6. Or press cancel if you want to stop.

Once you've added the page you can type your message and use @ to mention it.


(1) First, you will need to mention the Name of the person, page, or company you would like to mention. Let's take the example of The Beatles. In this field, you would need to fill TheBeatles.

(2) Now you should skip the Handle field, and proceed to Avatar. In this field, you need to enter the avatar ID of the person, page, or company. Taking the previous example, here is how to obtain the ID of The Beatles' avatar.

  1. Go to Facebook, and search for The Beatles on the search bar.
  2. Open the verified page.
  3. Right click on the avatar > Copy link address.
  4. Paste it in the Avatar field.

(3) The Handle ID is the next step to fill in. The Handle ID is the numbers in between the Facebook page URL and /photos. So, if The Beatles' avatar ID is, then the Handle ID is 69116329538. Easy, isn't it?

(4) Last step is the Link. This is simply the URL of the profile you are tagging, and is obtained when you go to the page and copy the page URL.