Adding a new brand to The Next Ad Analytics

If you manage multiple brands within The Next Ad, you'll probably want to view the performance of those brands on The Next Ad Analytics too. After completing the initial setup of your account in TNA Analytics, adding data sources for new brands is very easy and won't require all the authorisation process you've already completed. Simply follow the steps in our "TNA Analytics: Adding new brands" tutorial and the reports for your new brand(s) will be available within 30 seconds.

  1. Create new data source: If you're already on Google Data Studio, click the Data Sources button in the left navigation and the "+" button at the right bottom corner, this will open
  2. Select the The Next Ad Analytics connector: In the search bar, search for The Next Ad Analytics. Click the results showing in the Partner Connectors sections.
  3. Select brand & attribution window: On the The Next Ad Analytics connector page, all you need to do is select the (new) brand you want to use and the attribution window you prefer. Once you made the selection you want, click CONNECT at the top right corner.
  4. Change the name of your data source: On the new page, wait a few seconds until the "Untitled data source" is renamed to "The Next Ad Analytics", then update it to reflect the name of the new brand you have selected in the previous step. You can optionally update the name and description of the metrics in the overview. Click CREATE REPORT to continue.
  5. Your new brand report is ready!: That is, after completing the previous steps a new report has been created based upon the data source you just added. It is advisable to rename the report to reflect the brand the data source is based on. Happy reporting!