Adding a Play Store channel

It is possible to connect your mobile app to a channel on Media Injection. If you have an app and want to see comments and ratings on your Conversation Dashboard, then adding a channel connected to the Play Store might be a good idea.

(1) To do this, the first step to take is to create a channel for Play Store. Add the channel normally but select Playstore when you are about to connect the social network to your channel.

(2) Now you will come across this screen: 

Fill in the normal settings for your channel, and then proceed to the Play Store settings. Here is a description on how to find these details:

Package name: Go to Find the name next to the word "io", which will be your package name.

OAuth2 Client ID: Go to Then, proceed to Credentials. Find the desired credential and you will see the Client ID. Copy and paste it on Media Injection.

OAuth2 Secret: You will find this below the Client ID.

(3) Click on Save

(4) Now you will need to authorise the channel. Hover over your newly-created channel and click on the link button. The normal authorisation screen will pop up, where you will need to click on Allow. After following the authorisation steps, you will be done.