Adding a quick search

When you open the 'Search Profiles' menu, you're able to see all active search profiles and also manage your search profiles in the button in the top right corner of the menu. 

A popup will open with all your search profiles. By clicking the 'Add Quick Search' button underneath the list of quick searches you'll enter the 'New Quick Search' screen. First, enter your search term. As said in the previous article this can be a normal word or a hashtag. If you just want to look for a certain hashtag also type the search term as a hashtag. Next, select a language filter. Select a language if you only want messages in specific languages. If you want more than one language press CTRL and click all the languages you want. We always advise selecting English as a language if you're looking for Tweets in a certain language. This because some people have their Twitter in English even though they're, for example, Dutch. This way you won't miss anything. 

Tip: You only have to use a language filter when you're using a generic term or an internationally used word. If you're using a language specific word, you won't need to add a language filter.  

Last, select the Twitter account you want to reply with. By activating this you're able to reply to tweets that are interesting for your company. If you're using the social results just for research you don't need to activate a Twitter account to reply with. In this case, the 'social results' stream will be an only tracking stream.


After creating and activating a new quick search it may take up to an hour for the results to load.


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