Archiving Ads

How does archiving work?

Archiving ads is a functionality we've added as a halfway point between a published and a deleted ad.

Published ads participate in and are eligible for selection by the ad rotation in order to get you the best results. Deleted audiences don't participate in this rotation, as they've been deleted from Facebook. The downside of deleting ads is that the statistics collected in their run time are no longer accessible as the ad will be removed from Facebook.

By archiving ads, you'll exclude the ad from the ad rotation but retain its statistics.

How do I archive an ad?

To archive an ad, open an ad set and select the ad you want to archive. Click the three vertical dots on the right hand side of the screen and click Archive ad. Please note that it's not possible to un-archive an archived ad.

Good to know: If you archive an ad variant in one ad set, the identical ad variant will not be archived in any other ad set.