Audience options: Targeting

In the audiences step of the campaign wizard, it's possible to manually set the targeting options for your ad sets. To do so, click on any of the subjects below the audience title. The different target options are explained below.

Basic targeting: Basic targeting allows you to target on location by clicking on the +Add location button. Next, you can select a country, state, province or city and select the radius and languages that you prefer for your audience. You can find the location under Filters and then Basic filters. Be sure to write every location in English.

Location types: Adding location types to your location targeting is possible as well. If you want to target everyone in your selected location then select both Recent and Home. If you do not set a specified location type, the default value is Home. When you only select the Recent location type, you're targeting people whose most recent location is the selected area. When you only select the Travel in location type, you're targeting an audience whose most recent location is the selected area, as determined by information from their mobile device, and are more than 100 miles away from their stated current city from their Facebook profiles. These options are also under Basic filters.

You can also use the map to show which location you want to target. Want to see how? Check the article 

Minimum and maximum age targeting: When you want to target your audience based on age, it's good to keep in mind that the minimum targeting age is 13 and the maximum is 65 years. These are Facebook settings so they cannot be changed.

Mobile targeting: It's possible to target your ads to mobile devices. You can choose which operating system you want to target on and which version. It's also possible to target just one device; for instance, Samsung Galaxy S4.

Next, you can select what kind of wireless connection you want to target on. Select WiFi only users to show your ads only to people using a wireless internet connection.

This way of targeting is under Mobile filters.


Advanced targeting: With advanced targeting you can target your audience with great detail. You can add labels or keywords that cover your audiences' precise interest or/and behaviour. You can target on relationship status, education level, education/field of study, education/schools, work/employers, work/positions, industries, ethnic affinity, generation, parents/all parents and life events.