Automated rules

Creating automated rules is possible at ad set level. First, create an ad set or edit an already-existing one, and go to the Advanced tab. 

Right below URL tags, you'll find the Rules section. There you press the "+" button to create new rules. 

You create the rules once and then you can apply them to any ad set you've created. To create the rule, follow these steps:

Let's say you want to create a rule that will pause your ads once certain frequency is met. 

  1. First, give your rule a name. This will help you identify this rule in the near future, especially if you will reuse it. For example, Frequency cap.
  2. Then, choose what will happen when your conditions are met. You can either pause or activate ads, change ad set bid info, send email, reactivate ads, or pause/activate ads based on Product Set. In this case, we would choose Pause Ads.
  3. After, describe your conditions. For instance, When 'Frequency' is 'Equal to' This '10'. You can play around with these options, since there are loads of possibilities.
  4. Finally, set the frequency for this condition. How often do you want your frequency to be checked? The default option is 10 minutes.

Now you're done! You can set your Automated rules so that your campaign meets your requirements.