Automatic Audiences Creator

Have you ever wanted a feature to create the lookalike audiences for you? If you have, the automatic audiences creator is here to solve this problem! By creating lookalikes automatically you won't need to worry about creating them manually and one by one, but you'll just need to set the automation. You'll be ready in two ticks!

To create lookalikes automatically, you just need to click on Audiences on the panel on the left side of your screen. Next, click on Automatic audiences creator.

When you enter the automatic audiences creator screen, you need to press on Create lookalike audience automation.

Once you've pressed that button, the automatic audiences creator settings will pop up. Now all you need to do is fill in the gaps with the adjustments you want to apply to your automatic audiences.

1. Give them a name

You can create the name of the generated lookalike audience using a mix of manual text with dynamic tokens. If you didn't use any token, no need to worry; a random string will be applied. 

Note: bear in mind that, once the audience has been created, you won't be able to change the name anymore. To do this, you will have to copy the audience and make the adjustment after.


2. Give them a description

You can add a description to your lookalike audiences optionally. You can say which types of lookalikes will be, what they will be based on etc.

3. Set them up

Now all you need to do is apply the settings you want your lookalikes to have. You can select what lookalike percentage fits your goals, the countries you want to target and the source audience type (which audience your lookalike will be based on).

4. New or existing source audiences

Choose whether you want your lookalike audiences to be based on existing source audiences or the ones you create from then on. 

That's it! You've set up the lookalike audiences automation. If you want to change the settings of the lookalike audience automation, it's not too late.

  1. On the screen you'll see that you can change the status of your lookalike audience creator, by switching the toggle from On to Off(Note: the script will only run if it is switched at the moment that the audience is uploaded).
  2. If you want to view or change the original settings, you just need to click on the blue eye button on your right.
  3. To trigger the automatic creation of audiences, press the wrench tool.
  4. To copy the audience creator script, click on the grey button on your right.
  5. You can delete your audience creator by pressing the red button with the rubbish bin.