Automatic Booster

In this article you'll find out how to use Automatic Booster and how to leverage your experience with this addition to the platform.

The Automatic Booster will make it easier for you to promote page posts by automatically creating campaigns that match the requirements you've set.

The steps to follow are the following:

(1) You can find the Automatic Booster when you click on Campaigns, on the left side of your screen.

(2) Once you click on it, you'll see all your automations. To create a new automation, click on Add automatic booster, at the upper-right corner.

(3) Now it is time to fill in all the details of your new automation.

  1. Firstly, add a name for your project under Automatic booster name. 
  2. Optionally set the Automation timing. Choose the Start date and End date of your newly-created automation. 
    Important note: When an automation is activated, we'll start monitoring your page feed to check if any page post meets the requirements. Note: page posts that were posted prior to the start of the automation will be ignored and will not be boosted. Posts will only be monitored for 7 days after their publication. After this, the post will no longer be monitored to ensure the recency of your campaigns.

    Additionally, if you choose to pause and then restart the automation, it will restart the process and ignore any posts that were published prior to the (re)start of the automation.

  3. Next, you'll move on to the Template for campaign generation. In this section, you need to choose a Facebook page which you will use for your campaign, Future campaign names for all these new campaigns and the Campaign goal.
  4. Click on Create

(4) Now you'll see the details of your future campaigns, just as you would see them if you created it normally. However, there are some changes to this screen and you'll notice them straight away. 

The Campaign end date set is a dynamic value. This is because, as the start date of your future campaign(s) are unknown until your page post requirements are met, it's impossible to set a specific end date during the creation of your automation. The end date, therefore, can only be set upon the publication of your future campaign, hence the dynamic setup of the end date.

The rest, even though they look different, are about the same Campaign settings as you are used to when creating campaigns. 

(5) Now it is time to create your audiences. If you click on Insert ad set, you can add an ad set from an ad set template. Once you've uploaded your ad set, you can click on Save & continue

(6) Now you've reached the Page post filters section. The automation will create and publish new campaigns based on the requirements you can define in this segment of the automation. Here you can select the Maximum amount of promoted posts, this is also the maximum amount of campaigns that can run at the same time while your automation is active, this is based on the first-in-first out principle.

Example: If you've set the maximum number to 2 page posts, at most 2 campaigns will run at the same time. If a third post meets the requirements, the campaign with the earliest start date will be paused and a new campaign based on the new post will be created and published.

Next are the filters that will determine when your campaigns will be created. When you click on Add rule, you will be able to choose the Type of page post (link, photo, video, carousel); an Engagement rule (example: when Reaction (likes) is more than 50); or a Keyword rule (example: page post contains #BlackFriday).

The combination of ALL or ANY (based on your preference) will trigger the Automatic Booster to create and publish a campaign.

 (7) Once you've clicked on Save & continue, you can optionally activate Optimisations. This is just like any other campaign; you can adjust the Hyper Optimisation to run according to your campaign strategy. To see how to set up the Hyper Optimisation, click here.

(8) Now you'll see the Summary. Here you can check whether all the settings you have defined for your automation are correct. Now that you've finished, you can click on Start automation. 
If needed, you can pause or edit the automation later on.

Well done! You've finished setting up the new Automatic Booster. If you still have any questions or are hesitant about your settings, please contact support via the chat or via