Automatic vs Manual bidding

The difference between Automatic and Manual bidding is quite clear: when you choose Automatic bidding, you're letting Facebook choose how much you are going to bid for your ads to be shown; whereas manual bidding is selected by you.

There are some recommendations which you can follow in order to know when it's time to opt for Manual bidding instead of Automatic.

If you're just beginning with advertising, you should let Facebook decide how much money you're going to bid for this ad set. Therefore, Automatic bidding seems the best option. The downside here is that, as long as you have set your bid to automatic, you'll never know how much money Facebook spends on your auction.

However, if you want to have full control over your auctions, you should turn to Manual. But that's not the main reason why you should stop using Automatic bidding and change to Manual.

In order to change to Manual bidding, your campaign should not be running smoothly. If your budget is not fully spent each day, if reach and spend are very low, and your average costs are too high, then Manual bidding is the right choice for you.