Brand Awareness

First of all, to find out how Facebook calculates the Brand Awareness statistics, please look at the following text from Facebook: "The Estimated Ad Recall Lift (people) metric takes into account the number of people that we estimate would recall seeing an ad if polled. It takes into account several factors including the number of people you reached with your ads, how much time people spent looking at your ads, and historical data from over 300 Nielsen Brand studies that indicates the types of ads people are more likely to remember."

This means that, when you have 3,200 results, 3,200 people will probably remember your ad. 

When using the brand awareness objective, your ads will reach your audience up to 2 times every 5 days by default.

For Brand Awareness special rules are set, when we take a look at the bid info. For Brand Awareness only the following settings are possible:

  • Facebook billing event is aimed at Impressions
  • Facebook optimisation goal is aimed at Brand Awareness
  • Manual bidding is not possible