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Budget limits

In the Hyper Optimisation window, under the Budget limits tab, you can custom your budgets if you don't want the Hyper Optimisation to spend more or attribute more than x amount of budget to an ad set. That's what we call Budget limits.

For example, let's suppose we have a 30 euros ad set budget, and we don't want the budget to be lower than 20 and higher than 40. In that case, we would set a Minimum ad set budget of 20, and a Maximum ad set budget of 40. In this way, you've got control of your ad set budget, even whilst running the Hyper Optimisation.

Furthermore, it will be likely that you have more than 3 ad sets in your campaign (which is the minimum recommended) and you prioritise an ad set over another. If your maximum budget for this prioritised ad set is 50 instead of 40, then you can fill it right below, next to the ad set name.

Budget limits are a highly convenient way of controlling your ad set budget while the optimisation runs. By setting this up, you won't have to worry about your ad set getting more or less budget than you planned.