Bulk uploader

The bulk uploader can be found under Control panel > Bulk upload.

Note: Even though the UI shows the current brand you are in, it's possible to bulk upload campaigns for multiple brands!

(1) To get started on the bulk upload, click the button Download Facebook ids. In the document, you'll find all the IDs for all the entities you'll need in order to fill the document. This is because the file is filled with the entity IDs and not their names.

(2) Download the file under the button Download template file. This will download a tab delimited file (a .txt).

(3) Open the .txt file in Excel (which will automatically reformat the .txt file to the right file type). The current template contains 163 columns, but this can be expanded if necessary.

(4) Fill the Excel-file based on the IDs. This is the step in which most can go wrong and which you will need to come back to fix any errors. Please note:

You don't need to fill in the IDs of Facebook entities (like campaign ID, ad set ID and ad ID) if you're building new entities. Example: when adding a new ad set to an existing campaign via the bulk uploader, you'll need to specify the campaign ID as that entity already exists but not an ad set ID as you're creating a new one.

Every new entity will need to be filled out on a separate line. Example: 1 campaign containing 5 ad sets and 5 ads connected to all ad sets will consist of 25 (=1x5x5) lines.

(5) Save the file as a .txt to be able to re-upload it.

(6) Upload the file.

If any of the lines are incorrectly formatted, you'll be able to check this in the logs.

The line number you see in the logs +1 is the actual line in the file. The logs don't take the column headers in row 1 into consideration.

Only the first error in a row will be shown (from left to right) as an error on a higher level (e.g. incorrect 'TypeCampaign') won't allow us to check any information of lower level assets. If there are more errors on one line, you'll only know by uploading the file several times.

(4) After you click Create, your campaigns will be published in draft status.

You can recognise campaigns published in this way by the string '(bulk uploaded)' at the end of the campaign name.

It is possible to publish the entire file, even if that contain mistakes but any campaign containing faulty rows won't be published.