Campaign Bulk Edit

A new feature has arrived in The Next Ad: Bulk Edit at campaign level, which will help you manage or adjust several campaigns at the same time according to the same token.

To use the Bulk Edit, you'll need to go to the Campaigns overview and then select all the campaigns which you would like to edit.

Now that you've got your campaigns selected, click on Bulk edit, on the right-hand side among all the other grey buttons.

For this example we're going to change the names of the campaign; this is why it would be good if you took a look at the current names of the example campaigns in the picture above. To do this, you select Name among the list of possible options to change in your campaigns.

Once you've chosen that option, a new table with fields to fill in will appear. To begin with, you need to select whether you want the new value to Overwrite (replace), Append (put before) or Prepend (put afterwards) the old value. For this example we're going to choose Overwrite.

Now, fill in the new name that will overwrite the previous one. Press the arrow down (number 2) if you want it to apply to all campaigns. When you're done, click on Review changes.

Now you'll come across a screen displaying all the changes you've made. If they're all correct and you feel you're done, click on Apply changes.

save image

When finished, this process will be either done or failed. If you open the Background tasks you'll be able to see whether they're done, failed or still in process. Final thing to bear in mind: when you're done, refresh the page to see all the changes in your dashboard.

And that's it! Now you can do it yourself.