Campaign not imported: common errors

There are numerous reasons why campaigns cannot be imported. Check your notifications to see what's causing the error by going to: Control panel > Imports > select the import you want to see > on the right-hand side you will see the reason a campaign wasn't imported.

  • We do not support campaigns that have this objective: Since we can only start implementing features once they become available in the Marketing API, it can happen that some campaign goals aren't available to third party software platforms. If the campaign goal you have selected is unselectable in the first step of the campaign wizard, we don't yet support it.
  • Unsupported get request: This is a general notification that can point to several causes. The most common are: 1. An asset in the campaign has been deleted, which makes it impossible to import your campaign fully, resulting in an error. 2. The user importing the campaign doesn't have adequate permissions, either on our platform or on Facebook Business Manager.
  • We do not support campaigns that contain ad sets with different budget types: As it's possible to add multiple audiences to one ad set in Facebook, it can occur that these audiences have different bidding types or budgets. As The Next Ad doesn't allow adding multiple audiences to an ad set, we're unable to import campaigns with such settings.

It's also good to realise that importing multiple campaigns at once can take some time. Don't close your browser during this process, we'll let you know when it's done.