Campaign Overview vs Campaign Report

There are two different screens in The Next Ad, and they are called Campaign Overview and Campaign Report.

You may ask yourself what the difference is: the Campaign Overview shows all the assets while the Campaign Report displays all the information about one single campaign. Simple, isn't it?

The Campaign Overview is the place where you'll find all your ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads. But to get to know more about your campaign, you'll need to go to the Campaign Report. To access this dashboard, you just need to go to the selected campaign, press the cogwheel > Open.

Here are some features that will make you distinguish whether you're in the Campaign Overview or in the Campaign Report:

You're in the Campaign Overview if you see:

  • Four tabs—each one showing ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads.
  • Overall performance of your campaigns.
  • More overall results.

However, you're in the Campaign Report if you see:

  • A result chart.
  • Performance insights.
  • Budget chart.

And that's it! Now you know how to differentiate the Campaign Overview from the Campaign Report.