Can I disable the publish option for users in the platform?

You sure can! We understand that different teams and positions within an organization should have different privileges. Know that admins have access to all brands and privileges in Media Injection.

First of all, our advice is to make use of user groups. When you add a new user a new user group will automatically be generated based on his/her privileges. You can also add user groups from the ‘Manage settings’ menu. Go to ‘User groups’ and click ‘+ new group’. You can make different user groups for different teams, such as webcare and content planning. When you add a new user, you can add them to the right user group or you can add them to a user group later. The last user group assigned to a user is the overruling user group.

All the way down the privileges list you’ll find the section ‘Content calendar and composer’. By unchecking the ‘Publish publications to networks’ you’ll make sure the user (group) won’t be able to publish anything to the networks.

If you need help setting up the right user settings, please let us know via