Can I get a branded shortener in Media Injection?

Well yes of course! In order to use a branded shortener, we need a domain we can link to. It is important to check whether the domain is used for other purposes. If so, it is not possible to use this domain for the branded shortener. Linking to a sub domain such as or is possible as well.

Please inform your IT department that it is very important for the domain to be linkable. To be able to link, it is necessary to change a DNS- or A-record. For instance: for, we need to be able to link the domain to our DNS-record. To link the domain, please use the information provided below.

In the case of DNS-redirect:



In the case of A-record change:


AAA-record: 2001:828:425::141:148

For every domain, there will be an automatic redirect to your home page. Even when using a sub domain such as, we will always redirect to the Kuyichi homepage.

We understand that the above text is gibberish to some people, but if anything is unclear, discussing the options with someone from your IT department is possible as well. Don't hesitate to ask us for help via