Can we post or comment with GIFs?

We love a good GIF so of course we made it possible for you to use them as a post or in your replies.

Start by finding or making your GIF. If you've made one make sure the file is a GIF Image or video. If you're looking for a site to create and download from we recommend GIPHY. If you're using a site like GIPHY look one up and right click on it and choose "Save Image As...". And save it as a GIF Image.


Posting a GIF:

Next, choose 'Video post' and 'Add video' underneath the status update box. There you can click on the plus and load your GIF. You can also choose to post your GIF without any text.


If you have a link to the GIF you can also choose for a link preview post and paste the url in there.

Choose the GIF you want to upload to MI. The GIF will be shown as below of course, it will be moving in Facebook (as you see we were really happy it was almost Friday). 



Replying with a GIF

You can also send GIF's as comments. Simply save the gif and like described above. Click on the paperclip in the comment box and choose your GIF. And again your GIF will be moving ;-)