Changing Desktops

When starting up Media Injection for the very first time, you will find a predefined set of social media streams. This set of streams is set up by us. You can change the order and the kind of stream to fit your needs. Changing the layout of your desktop is done by clicking the monitor icon to the left of the brand icon in the upper right of your screen. Next, you simply click 'Add desktop'. If you need help with setting up the right desktop you can always ask your account manager or our support via

By hovering over the desktop name a drop down menu will open where you switch between desktops, change a desktop's name, delete a desktop, add a new desktop, duplicate a desktop, share a desktop with colleagues and start presentation mode. Desktops are working on a user level. This means that if you add, edit or delete a desktop it will only be visible in your account so you won't bother your colleagues with these changes. 

Adding a new desktop is useful because it allows you to choose the desktop style best suited to your way of working and monitor settings. We advise you to choose the dashboard template with the most widgets. The widgets themselves can be altered at all times by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the streams' screen. We also advise you (I know, a lot of advice) to keep the main desktop until you're satisfied with another desktop, so you always have a back-up. 

The presentation mode prevents your desktop from logging out. This way you're able to continuously stream the desktop in for instance lobbies, and conference rooms. 

Sharing your desktop with other users can come in handy to distribute specialized dashboards among users having the same set of tasks. This way everyone has the same set of widgets and filter settings. By clicking the 'Share desktop' button and selecting a name from the list of users, the other person will receive an alert to accept your invitation. After accepting, the desktop is shared. Keep in mind that the user who you are sharing the desktop with needs to have access to the brand from where you share it from.


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