Changing the Ad URL

In ads with a click-through link, the URL can of course be altered while the campaign isn't running. Once the campaign starts running, it's not always possible to change the URL in your ad.

Changing the URL in the ad is possible if you've selected the This post will only be used as an ad option in the ad creation menu. Since an ad is never permanently shown in Facebook, it's possible to change the ad while the campaign is running. To alter the URL, go to the campaign and click on Manage your ads. In the ad menu, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of an ad and change the URL to the desired one. 

Changing the URL in the ad is not possible if you've selected the This post will be published on the Page option in the ad creation menu. Because the system will create a permanent post to the wall and The Next Ad cannot alter the content on Facebook, it's not possible to change the URL in the post. Please contact your business consultant if you want advice on how to handle this situation best.