Conditional Publishing

This article is part two in a series on connecting and using external data feeds to The Next Ad. For part 1 on connecting a data feed, click here.

Step 1

Go into a draft campaign to the campaign settings step, open Advanced settings and the sub-tab Conditional Publishing. 


Step 2

Add both an activate and pause rule to your campaign. These must be mutually exclusive as your campaign is either running or paused. You'll find some examples of the rules to create in this article. If your rules are already created, proceed to step 3.


Step 3

Exit the rule creation popup after you've built your rules. Click the Select a rule drop-down menu and select the rules you want to use. This makes sure your rule will actually be used in this campaign.

Lastly, fill in the fields under Which value it should have with the attribute you set as ID in the data feed. As a feed could have multiple values for multiple attributes (for example: if the feed contains information about multiple cities, but you would want to only have to rule apply for a single City, you would only want that City ID checked), this ensures that we use the correct value for the correct attribute😎 

Congratulations, that's it! You've set up your conditional publishing and can start using campaigns that will be activated or paused dynamically. 🎉

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