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Connecting my Instagram account to my Business Manager

To add an Instagram account to your Business Manager:

  1. Go to your Business Manager.
  2. Click Business Settings > Instagram Accounts (left side of the page).
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Add your username and password, then click Confirm.
  5. To authorise one or more of your ad accounts to use the Instagram Account, tick the box next to each ad account and click Save Changes.

When you go to Instagram Accounts from your Settings, you should be able to see all the Instagram accounts you have added as well as any ad accounts that are authorised to use the Instagram accounts.

The last step is to add the Instagram account to a brand in The Next Ad and you're done.  

If you use the Business Manager, you can link your business's Instagram account(s) and assign a partner/agency to manage your ads. 

After you did this you can assign a partner (if you work with partners, of course) in the Instagram Account window. Just click Assign Advertising Partner and enter the partner's business ID. 

Do you need a more visual way of how to set up your Instagram account for advertising? Watch this video from Instagram for Business.

Note: Keep in mind that you can also add an Instagram account through your Page and then use it to run ads. 

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