Creating a new Ad Account

What is an ad account?

An ad account is a grouping of all your specific ads activity. Your ad account includes different campaigns, ads and payment methods.

How do I create one?

The first step in setting up your Facebook Ad Account is setup your billing information and make sure that you enter a valid payment method.

  • Fill in all other fields. All this information is necessary for billing purposes. EU-based business need to fill in their VAT number as well. It might be possible for you to select your currency and your timezone. This information cannot be changed after creating your account, so check check double check! 
  • That’s it—you have just finished the first step in creating an Ad Account! Save your changes and move on to billing (arrow 1 in the first screenshot, larger version)


  • To add a payment method, click on Select a payment method. 
  • In the screen that pops up, you can select which payment methods you would like to use (once you reach a higher spend you will be able to select more payment methods). This all speaks for itself. Add a credit card or select your PayPal for example.
  • If your advertising is successful and you start advertising more, it is smart to add another payment method. If you do this you won't be hindered by expiry, monthly limits or other reasons that block your first payment method. This means that your advertising will continue and your customers will be reached nonetheless.
  • You can select a payment method to be your primary payment method, and you always need to have at least one payment method.
  • You'll be billed when you reach certain billing thresholds. How high this threshold is will be based on your billing history.
    • For example: you will start with a low threshold (€25,-) and every time you spend this amount you'll be billed. After a few successful payments your threshold will be increased, and this threshold can be increased a few times. This means that the more you spend the less bills you'll have.

Congratulations! You've just created an Ad Account! Here you will find out what to do next.

Please don't hesitate to contact our support chat if any questions remain. You can reach us by clicking the text balloon at the bottom-right corner on The Next Ad.