Creating a Remote Audience

Besides the normal Facebook audience options, The Next Ad offers a special audience which is directly or indirectly connected to your own CRM databases. With set criteria The Next Ad can automatically fetch the right people from your CRM and create a dynamic custom audience from it. This means that your custom audiences will always be up-to-date, which increases your relevancy and results in your campaigns.

Please note: Your new remote audience will be synchronised for the first time after 24 hours.

To create a remote audience, please follow the next few steps.

First of all, you need to add a connector. By clicking Control Panel, then Connectors and then + Add new connector you can add your FTP-connector.


After you've added your connector, you can add a remote audience by selecting this audience in the +New ad set step during your campaign creation. 


After selecting the remote audience, click the blue Create new audience button.

In the following screen you'll be able to select your connector.


  • If you've selected an FTP-server, you can add the path in the directory field. 
  • We'll always use the newest file from the path you've provided.