Cross-Campaign Optimisation (CCO)

What is CCO?

Cross-Campaign Optimisation (CCO) allows you to automate the optimisation across campaigns, as it uses custom metrics to optimise across the multiple campaigns you’ve selected. Where the budget used to be shifted between ad sets before (with the Hyper Optimisation), this feature will enable you to shift budget across campaigns

How does it work?

In short, Cross-Campaign Optimisation allows you to:

  • Use three optimisation mechanisms: 
    • Cross-Campaign Optimisation (CCO), optimising across campaigns;
    • Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO), optimising ad sets within your campaign;
    • Ad Fatigue Optimisation (AFO), optimising ad creatives within your campaign.
  • Use custom KPIs/metrics to optimise across campaigns, e.g. CPM;
  • Keep control over your performance and reach.

How do I set it up?

The steps to set up a campaign with Cross-Campaign Optimisation are the following:

  1. Import CBO campaigns OR create and publish your campaigns;
  2. Go to Campaigns > Cross-Campaign Optimisations;
  3. Click the '+' sign to create a new optimisation;
  4. Complete the desired CCO setup;
  5. CCO process starts to optimise the active campaigns;
  6. To view your CCO results or edit CCO settings go to your CCO report.

Please note: Cross-Campaign Optimisation is only applicable for campaigns with the following:

  • AND Budget Type=Identical;
  • AND not part of existing CCO.

CCO Solution use cases

There are some potential use cases where CCO is positioned as a solution to reach your objectives:

  • Multi-Country Campaign Management: use CCO to keep control over your campaign budgets and reach amongst multi-countries. Set up campaigns per country using a single ad set and benefit from the power of CCO. Also, you can use custom metrics for optimisations and setting campaign budget minimum and maximum limits.
  • Full control over Campaign Performance: use CCO if you're not particularly looking for the best audience to win, but for the best campaign performance. 
  • Optimising on Custom Metrics: are you looking for optimisation on campaigns focused on KPIs that are not available through the default bid strategy based on your campaign goal? By using CCO, you'll be able to benefit from optimising on the campaign metric that's most relevant to you. For example, you can run a Video View camapign whilst optimising on CPM.