Dashboard menu

On your left, you will find the navigation of Media Injection. This menu, consisting of 11 pictograms, leads you to all possible dashboards containing all functions in the platform. These dashboards are (clicking on the name of the dashboard will lead you to the specific Wiki page for that dashboard):  

The main dashboard is the standard dashboard you will see when you log in. Here you will find the different message streams and results from your searches. We also call this the conversation dashboard, because you can easily answer messages from this dashboard.

This dashboard provides direct statistical insight on the highest level. It contains two sub-dashboards: the splash screen, visualizing some interesting statistics about the successes of all projects in your brand, and the search reports, which show results of your search profiles if you're making use of these.

Clicking the 'projects' button opens a popup screen in which you can start a new project, open an existing or old one, compose a new message in the project, open the content calendar of a project, edit a project or delete a project. The 'Create new project' button opens the project creation screen while selecting an existing project leads you to the project dashboard containing the projects' stream and several statistics.

This calendar shows all posts of every project in your brand.

Search profiles are used to manage your quick- and full search results profiles. There are two kinds of search profiles: full searches and quick searches.

Your brands' statistical information can be found here.

Contact information about all users that engaged with your pages is stored here.


Every attachment you publish can be found in the media library.

Tasks can be assigned to users, making it easy for the right person to react to the right post. In this menu, you will find your personal tasks that are still open and if you click on 'Task list' the general task list will open.

The notification screen is not a full fletched dashboard but a popup menu. It shows notifications concerning tasks assigned to you, system maintenance updates and when messages have failed to publish.


This option is only visible for admins in Media Injection. Here you will find all settings, fully customizable. Brands, Channels, Users, User Groups, Overlays for Statistics, Chart Colors and Labels are all customizable within this tab.


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