Deciding your campaign goal

Which campaign goals are available?

When you're creating a campaign, you can choose between different campaign goals:

Website Conversions: When people perform a certain specified action on your website, a website conversion occurs. By selecting this campaign goal, you can increase conversions by creating ads to promote specific actions for people to take on the external website. Since conversions take place in an external place, you need to install a  to measure these results.  

Clicks to Website: Create ads that send people to a specific part of your website.

Page Post Engagement: This creates ads that get people to engage with your post and thus increase the amount of likes, comments, shares, video plays and/or photo views. This will give you great insights into what content customers like and what creatives work best to connect with certain people. 

Offer Claims: With an offer claim, you create ads that offer customer discounts and other special deals. It's possible to use an offer you've created on Facebook beforehand or create a new one from scratch on The Next Ad. 

Page Likes: This campaign goal aims to increase your page likes and build your audience on Facebook. 

Mobile App installs: Creates ads that promote installing your app by sending people to the store where they can purchase your app. 

Mobile App Engagement: This campaign goal will engage the users of your mobile app so they will use it more often. 

Video Views: Create a video that will play in the ad to show behind-the-scene footage, product launches or customer stories that will help you build your brand. 

Product Catalogue Sales: A product catalogue—or product feed—is a list of products you want to advertise. These campaigns target people that have shown interest in these products so they will buy them.

Brand Awareness: More than 1,59 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and 64% of them visit Facebook every day. Relevant and engaging photos, videos and links make Facebook Adverts a powerful way to find new customers and build brand loyalty. However, not every company can use this goal. When choosing this goal, a pop-up will roll out if you're not authorised to use this goal.

How do I decide which one to use?

Of course this is a very broad question, since the answer may be different to every advertiser. It's good to ask yourself some questions, though, in order to clarify your ideas: 

  • What do you want to achieve with that campaign? Do you want awareness, consideration or conversions?
  • What kind of company is it? What does it sell?
  • What kind of creatives do you have for the campaign? Photos, video, carousel?

If you ask yourself all these questions, you'll eventually find out which goal fits your campaign the best.

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