Disapproved Ads

You might ask yourself what went wrong that Facebook has decided to disapprove your ads. Well, there are many reasons why Facebook might decide to say no to your ad.

Facebook has a strict policy about what is and isn't allowed in advertising. If your ad has been rejected, the following links will lead you to pages that will explain details about Facebook's policy:  & Ad Guide.

If you use images or videos, it's also important to make sure the image or the thumbnail of the video has less than 20% text. Too much text can make your ad look like spam and make people think of your ad as low quality. That's something nobody wants to achieve, isn't it?

Make sure you use the headline and body of the ad to tell the people what you're advertising about and what you want them to do. Via this Facebook Grid Tool you can easily check your pictures!

So bearing this in mind, if your ad has been disapproved, there are steps that you can follow in order to solve this problem.

  1. Check if your ad has inappropriate content. Take a look at Facebook's ads policies mentioned above in order to see if you've included content in your ads that isn't allowed.
  2. If you don't see anything odd in your advertisement, you can always contact us via the chat and ask us to take a look at your ad. 
  3. If you come to the conclusion that your ad has been rejected for no reason whatsoever, you can always contact Facebook. In this way, Facebook will take a look at your ad manually and will be able to revise it just in case it was a mistake.