Errors in the campaign publisher

  • 'The product set in the creative must be consistent with the Ad Set's promoted object'

This error will pop up if one of your product ads is connected to a product set that is different from the product set you used for your product audience.

  • 'Your account doesn't have enough install history to start using billing event for mobile app install ads'
  • 'Cannot set spend cap'
  • 'In order to optimise your ad for link clicks, you must include a call-to-action button in your ad creative. Please edit your ad and try again.'

If you're building a link, video or carousel ad, you will need a Call To Action button in your ad. The solution is just adding one to your advert so that the person seeing your ad can be directed to your website.

  • 'Call To Action link_caption field must be an URL.'
  • 'The Ad creative Create Failed for the following reason: Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.'
  • 'You're using Instagram as a placement. Please select an Instagram account to represent your business in your Instagram ads, or select a Facebook Page to use instead.'

This error pops up if there's a problem related to Instagram as placement. For instance, you might be trying to post a video longer than 60 seconds. To see the Instagram ad requirements, check this page.

Also, it could mean that you haven't connected your Instagram account to the right ad account on the Business Manager (read this to know how to do it). Then, you should make sure you added an Instagram account to your brand. To do so, follow these steps.

  • 'For this campaign objective, a creative is required to have either external link or Call to Action.'

If you're running a conversions campaign, you need to add a Call to Action button; therefore, you need a link ad. If you have built a photo ad, then you cannot add the CTA.

  • 'The product catalogue associated to the product set of the product set audience, needs to be as the campaign's promoted product catalogue.'

If you're running a product catalogue sales campaign, you need to choose a product set in the ad that is connected to the catalogue you select in the first step of the campaign wizard. Plus, that set also must be used as the basis for the product audience.

  • 'The app you're trying to create an ad for is on a different operating system than targeting settings for this ad.'

This error pops up if, for instance, you're posting a link for an iOS app when you've set up Android as targeted operative system.

  • 'The new budget is lower than the current budget.'

If you want to change the campaign budget, you need to do it at ad set level. To know how to do it, read this article.

  • 'Custom event type' was not set for the promoted object.'

You should check if you've selected an event for your pixel to optimise.