Errors related to ad accounts, token and permissions

  • 'Error fetching Facebook Page Posts'
  • 'Facebook could not process the action'
  • 'The Facebook access token is flagged as expired'

You can easily solve any of these three errors by refreshing the token

  • 'No roles found for this user. Please ask an administrator to assign one or more roles to this user' 
  • 'Facebook! Error while publishing campaign. If you want to create an ad, please ask the Facebook Page manager to give you permission by adding you to admin, editor or advertiser page roles.'

If these errors pop up, it means that you don't have enough rights to operate in our environment. You'll need to ask someone in your Business Manager to grant you permissions.

  • 'You don't have a Business Manager account.'

It seems your ad account and your page aren't linked to that Business Manager yet. You can read how to create a Business Manager account here.