Errors related to ads

  • 'Card #1: Error: 'Missing required field photo' while checking the multi-product fields'

You might be building a carousel ad and that card is missing a thumbnail. Please add a thumbnail for that card.

  • 'The image: x for the specified creative could not be downloaded because it exceeds image size limit of 8388608 bytes'

Your image might be too big. Please choose a different images that matches Facebook ad's requirements.

  • 'Your image x couldn't be downloaded. Please wait a few minutes and try again'

Your image or video might haven't been processed by Facebook yet. You just need to wait until it's ready to use.

  • 'Couldn't publish to Instagram. Please check media requirement'

That looks like your image or video doesn't meet Instagram's requirements (it's either too long or has an unsupported format). You should check the ads guide for your campaign goal to see what Instagram and Facebook expect from your ad! 

Also it's important to check that you have selected an Instagram page for your campaign. To read more about it, click here. You should have the proper rights as well to be able to publish with this page. 

It's important that if none of these apply to your issue, then you refresh the token.

  • 'The type of ad is not allowed for the current campaign goal. Please change the goal or delete the ad before publishing this campaign'

You might be trying to publish an ad in a campaign whose goal doesn't support that type of ad. To know which ads are supported, read what ads can be promoted within each goal.

In order to fix this, you should either start a new campaign, or change the ad type.

  • 'The link Page Post was not successfully created'

You might be trying to create a link ad and you haven't added a Call To Action button in it. Since link ads are required to have a CTA button, the solution would be just adding it to your ad—or if you don't want to add one, just switch from a link ad to a photo ad.

  • 'The creative cannot be updated because it's in process of being published'

You might be trying to change an ad which hasn't been published yet. If you're trying to upload a video, it might take a while since the process of publishing is not instant. The solution for this problem is just waiting or contact support.

  • 'The ad set x is attached to 151 ads. The maximum number of ads per ad set is 50'

Your campaign has become too large. In this case, the limit is 50 ads per ad set. Whatever exceeds that limit won't be accepted by Facebook. The solution is to assign a single ad to a bundle of ad sets. Read how to do that here.

  • 'Missing required field photo'

This pop up will be shown when you've made a carousel ad but selected less than 3 images. Please add one at least one more image to your carousel.

  • 'The specified creative could not be downloaded'

This message will be shown when your uploaded picture is too large. Facebook will not accept pictures above a certain size/resolution. This notification is also shown when you upload a video file in the thumbnail field in the advert builder.

For Facebook design recommendations please visit this link.