Errors related to audiences and ad sets

  • 'Website Custom Audience was not created'

The name of the website custom audience you're creating is already in use. Please, try a different name.

  • 'This ad set does not have neither 'daily_budget' nor 'lifetime_budget' defined'

Have you assigned budget only at campaign level? If this message pops up, you should check whether you have assigned budget to your ad sets. 

  • 'The creative x URL tags are using tokens that can be configured only with one ad set'
  • 'The creative can only be used with one ad set containing URL tags'

This error appears if you want to assign an ad to multiple ad sets at the same time. Currently, this isn't possible since an ad can only be attached to one ad set using UTM tags. 

The solution for this is copying the ad and assigning it to another ad set which you want to target the ad to. In this way you have multiple ads (which are identical) targeted to many ad sets at the same time. 

  • 'Conversion attribution window is an optional (nullable) integer, specifying number of days of click attribution window size'

This is a problem from Facebook due to the attribution window you've applied to your ad set. The solution is simply change it at ad set level under bid info.

  • 'You may not be able to select a connection to exclude in your targeting because you're not an admin of this page or app, or because the app is in developer mode, or the even is in the past.'

If this message appears is because the token holder (the last person who has refreshed the token), is not the admin of the app, so in that case The Next Ad would not have the rights to publish an ad set on his name.

The way to solve this would be that the admin of the app refreshes the token.

  • 'Ad set for ad x could not be removed'

You might be trying to remove an ad set from a split testing campaign. Currently, you're able to import split testing campaigns but editing their ad sets isn't possible on The Next Ad. 

The solution for this would be deleting the ad set on the Business Manager and synchronising the campaign to our system afterwards. 

  • 'The geographical radius you selected isn't within the specified bounds'

You might be trying to set a radius that is lower than 17 km and higher than 80 km when creating an open targeting audience.

  • 'Some of your locations overlap. Try removing a location'

This error may pop up if you've got an open targeting audience. When you configure a target group based on locations, you need to be careful not to generate an overlapping in between what you include and what you exclude: what you exclude should always be part of a bigger category.

Example: if you want to include the Netherlands but exclude Europe, that would not make sense. The correct way of thinking would be including Europe, but excluding the Netherlands.

Also, it's common that you include a city such as Rotterdam, but include the region of Zuid-Holland at the same time. 

  • 'The budget for this ad set must be at least x€. Please edit your budget in your ad set to enable delivery of your ads'

If a message like this one pops up, it's because your ad set doesn't cover the Facebook minimum budget. This means that your daily budget is too low regarding your campaign goal; to generate a consistent delivery of your ads, your ad sets have to achieve a minimum budget required.

Minimum budgets are calculated as a daily amount, but they depend on whether the campaign has a daily or lifetime budget. For example, if you're using a lifetime budget for an ad that's going to run for five days, the budget must be five times the daily minimum budget. The number shown in the image, however, may vary depending on each campaign; but the error ends up in the same issue. 

  • 'Based on the objectives and optimisation goals you have selected, supported combination of click-through and view-through attribution window values are (1,0)'

Your attribution window might be incorrect. The solution would be changing it to a valid value (1 or 0 according to this error).

  • 'Changing the ad set's info failed. The specified targeting spec is not valid'

This audience probably has some specs that are no longer supported on Facebook. Please, select a different audience.

  • '(#100) Param targeting_spec[custom_audiences][0][id]must be a valid custom audience id'

This error will be shown if you try to select an audience that has been deleted on Facebook. Please select a different audience. 

Also it could be that you're using saved audiences and you're trying to exclude an open targeting audience from them. Since saved audiences work as an open targeting audience but they're a set of filters you cannot exclude them from an open targeting audience.