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Expert mode explained

Google Search Autopilot was built with ease in mind to let our users access the vast possibilities and potential of the Google Search advertising system without the need for years of advertising experience. However, for the more advanced or demanding users we've added Expert Mode. 

Users can enable expert mode by clicking the trofee icon on the top right of their screen: 

By enabling expert mode, users will get access to a set of additional features during campaign creation:

  • Additional placement settings: Choose if you only want your ads to appear on Google Search, Google Ads Partners and Display Network.
  • Display Path URL options: additional URL formatting options to display to your users when seeing your ads on Google
  • Bidding Strategy: choose a custom bidding strategy or set your own manual CPC bids on campaign and keyword level. By default without expert mode this will be set to "Maximise Clicks".

There is no limit to when or how often you can turn on or off Expert Mode.