Four statistical levels

Media Injection offers you the possibility to analyze your data on four different levels, ranging from individual posts to entire brands. 

The splash screen
The splash screen (under thematic dashboard) is the most general level of the statistics. The splash screen shows statistics from the entire brand you're currently on over a recent period. The splash screen isn't really used for doing reports, but mostly as a general screen to hang in the lobby or the center of the office, so colleagues from other teams can see your work. You can read more about the splash screen in this section.

The statistics dashboard
The second level is the statistics dashboard. This dashboard has a big variety of widgets and is therefore fully customizable to your wishes. With the big variety of widgets and the many different filters, it can be hard to find and create the perfect dashboard. If you need any help with this, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Let us know what kind of information and statistics you would like to see and we'll help you find the suitable widgets and filters. You can read more about the statistics dashboard in this article.

The project dashboard
If we go further into the statistic levels we get into the project dashboard. This dashboard has a big variety of widgets as well and shows you the statistics of a specific project in a brand. This offers you a clear overview of how different kinds of content are doing. More information about the projection dashboard can be found here

Message details
Last but not least, the most specific kind of details there is: the message details. The message details show statistics about one certain message. It depends on the channel what kind of information can be shown. Message details are only available for project messages. To access the message details screen, go to the right project and look for the message in the 'project messages' stream. When you click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the message you'll see the extra message options. The first button sends you to the message details.

A popup screen will open with the message details as shown below. In the top right you'll see the concerning post. Next to it we show the engagement funnel. This funnel shows the number of views, engagements, and clicks, but also the view rate, IPV, and CTR. The view rate is based on the number of views and the number of fans. The IPV stands for 'Interaction Per unique View' a.k.a. for the engagement rate. The interaction per unique view is the sum of views, likes, comments and shares, divided by the number of views, expressed as a percentage. Last, CTR means 'Click Through Rate' so it's the percentage of people that viewed the message and also clicked on the link in the message.

Underneath the message and the funnel, you'll find the message's lifecycle. The graph visualizes the number of engagements through time and with that also the average lifetime of posts in this project. This is a useful widget when you want to boost messages. You can give the post an extra kick as soon as the engagements start decreasing.


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