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Google Merchant Center website claim, how does it work?

In this article, we explain how the Google Merchant Center website claim works and what you need to know.

What is a Google Merchant Center?

Merchant Center lets you manage how your in-store and online product inventory appears on Google. Upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, so shoppers can see your inventory. 

Advertise products on Google 

To be able to advertise your products on Google. You will need to connect your Merchant Center to a Google Ads account and create a product advertising campaign. The Next Ad Shopping Autopilot automates this process for you.  

What is a Google Merchant Center website claim?

A claim simply means connecting your webshop and its domain to a Merchant Center. This means the connected Merchant Center is now allowed to place Google Shoppings ads on behalf of your webshop. You can always reconnect with a new or old Merchant Center in the future if you wish to do so.

Error received on: "Google Merchant Center website claimed"

Bumped into an error during the account setup? No problem! We guide you through the steps and explain everything. 

If your website URL is already connected and associated with an existing Google Merchant Center account, we can't automatically connect your website URL to the Shopping Autopilot. In order to continue with the account setup, you must allow us to connect the website URL you provided. 

Please note that a website URL can have one connection (or claim) at a time. Once you proceed and allow us to connect the URL. you can connect it back to your Merchant Center at any time. 

Why do you need to connect Google Merchant Center to the Shopping Autopilot app?

Advertising through the Shopping Autopilot app automates your process of campaign creation based on the products from your webshop. To be able to advertise on Google you need a Google Merchant Center. For us to be able to create and launch campaigns on your behalf, we need to be authorised to do so. With the website URL connection (or claim as to how Google calls it) we can! 

What is the difference between "connect" and "claim"?

Basically there's non. We just prefer "connect" above "claim" as claim sounds like we're taking over the ownership. We're doing not. You remain the owner of your Google Merchant Center but simply allow us (through a connection) to get the right data. 

Please note that you can roll back the connection at any time, by connecting it back to your Merchant Center.

Acquiring assistance? 

In case of any questions or need of assistance, get in touch with our support team by email or by launching a chat conversation on the Shopping Autopilot platform itself