Growth performance

The growth performance boxes display the following brand development figures (the green or red arrow shows the growth or shrinkage expressed as a percentage):

Fans: Shows the number of fans/followers a brand has gained in the set period. 

Like: Fans can show their appreciation in likes on the posts you publish. This box shows how many positive markers your posts have received in the set time.

Share: A lot of channels allow fans to share posts from your brand. This box shows how many shares fans did in the set time.

Neg. Feedback: Shows the amount of negative feedback. This number derives only from Facebook. Since Facebook doesn't have a dislike button (and the newer angry 'like' doesn't count either), this number is derived from the number of times your posts are hidden, how many people unlike your page and when fans report your posts as spam. Do note that an increase in negative feedback, shown as a green arrow, is, in fact, not a good thing.

Replies: The number of replies to all posts in your brand. 

Reach: Shows how many people have seen your posts. Do note that since not all channels allow views to be counted, this number derives from Facebook only.

Clicks: The number of clicks on links attached to your posts.

Media value: This shows the media value of your brand over the set period.


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