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How do I write a successful text ad?

Here are some recommendations for writing successful text ads in Google advertising:

Highlight what makes you unique: tell your audience about the benefits of purchasing products or services from you. Do you have free shipping or exclusive products? Just let them know!

Include prices, promotions, and exclusives: since people usually search on Google to make a decision, help them do so.

Encourage customers to take action: mention words like 'Purchase' or 'Contact us' in the headline or description of your ads. In this way, your customers will feel compelled to proceed to the next step.

Include one of your keywords: make your ad more relevant by adding one of the keywords to the text. 

Match your ad to the landing page: make sure the products advertised on your ad are also present on the landing page. Avoid the customer's disappointment!

Reach customers on mobile: people on mobile are more likely to call you or enquire where you are. This is why you can include location or call extensions to make this process easier. Furthermore, you can design your landing page for mobile. In this way, your campaign will be optimised, and you'll increase the chance of getting the best results.

To illustrate, see the example below from The Next Ad on Google; it includes the highlights of the company, the opportunity (or a call to action) for a free trial, vital information such as pricing and services, keywords such as Ad technology, optimisation, automatisation, and campaigns, and the main title matches with that of the landing page.