How do product categories work in Shopify?

In this article we will explain how product categories work in Shopify and how to use them correctly.

How do I set up a product category?

In Shopify, you can use collections to group the products you are selling together, making it easier for your customers to find them by category.  You can create and manage your collection from the collections page in Shopify. 

How do product collections work?

After creating and setting up a collection for your store, customers are able to find and view your collections. There are two types of collections that can be set up; Automated Collection and Manual Collection. 

Automated Collections use conditions selected by the admin to automatically match your products with other products of similar characteristics.  Future products are automatically added to these collections which can be a real time saver.

Manual Collections are created by the admin personally with the selected products. This gives you more control over your collections but is more time consuming than Automated Collections.

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Product categories and Google Shopping Ads

When advertising on Google Shopping with The Next Ad Shopping Autopilot, you are able to filter a Shopping campaign by inventory. In the case of Shopify, The Next Ad uses the product categories as the inventory filter. For example, if you have created a category called: "jackets", you can create a campaign and set a filter on the category "jackets" to be able to run a campaign, solely on jackets. 

Acquiring assistance? 

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