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How does the Google Ads account creation work in Shopping Autopilot?

In this article, we will explain how the creation of a Google Ads account works in Shopping Autopilot.

Why do I need a Google Ads account next to a Google Merchant Center account?

A Google Merchant Center account allows you to upload product information of your shop to Google. This enables customers to see all the information about your shop and its products when they are searching via a Google search service. In order to actively promote the products in your shop, however, you will need to have a Google Ads account.

What do I need to do to create a Google Ads account?

The Shopping Autopilot app automatically creates a Google Ads account and automatically links this to your Merchant Center account for you. You can check the status of this process at any time via the Account Status tab in the left navigation bar. No difficulty in creating and connecting your accounts yourself. 

Can I link an existing Google Ads account to Shopping Autopilot?

No, unfortunately, you are not able to link any already existing Google Ads account to Shopping Autopilot. The app automatically creates a new Ads account for you in the onboarding procedure.

The ease of Shopping Autopilot is all about automation. The app is being invented to take away the hassle that usually happens to be in the onboarding process. By taking away all these manual steps by automating the entire onboarding process, the only thing you have to worry about is grabbing another coffee or tea and wait till we have completed the set-up. 

Acquiring assistance? 

In case of any questions or need of assistance, get in touch with our support team by email or by launching a chat conversation on the Shopping Autopilot platform itself