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How does the inventory check work and how long does it take to complete?

In this article, we explain how the inventory check works and what you need to know for completion.

What is meant with inventory?

The inventory refers to the number of products and their variances that are available for sale in the shop that you wish to connect to Shopping Autopilot.

Why does it need to be checked?

In order to get you all set up to start advertising, we need to make sure that there are products in your shop that can be promoted. If there are no products available in your shop then this needs to be addressed first before you are able to proceed with the account setup process.

Do I need to do anything for my inventory to be checked?

The inventory check is a fully automated process that automatically starts after you have linked your shop to the Shopping Autopilot app. You can check the status of the inventory check at any time via the  "Account Status" tab in the left navigation bar.

You have no articles in your inventory

If we are not able to detect any products in your shop, you will receive a notification stating that you have no products in your inventory. You can resolve this by adding products to your shop and pressing the "retry" button under the "Account Status" tab. After pressing the retry button we will run another automatic inventory check.

How long does it take until Shopping Autopilot has checked my inventory?

The inventory check takes just a couple of minutes to be completed. After that, we are all set for the next step in your account setup.