Transferring money between wallets

To enable users to keep full control over their digital media budgets, we’ve introduced the “Wallet” approach.

Whenever you add funds to your account, it’ll first be placed into your (unassigned customer level) "main wallet". Afterward, you can transfer the budget to any of your underlying wallets or keep part of your budget unassigned to reserve for the campaigns you’ve got planned for the future, it’s all up to you.

Depending on the performance of your campaigns, you can transfer money back and forth between your wallet to meet your demands.

We’ll ensure your budget limits are synced with the platforms your publishing your campaign too, guaranteeing your campaigns will never overspend their budgets. Additionally monitor the budget you set for your campaign, preventing you from manually overspending your budgets.

There are 2 ways to transfer your budget from one wallet to another:

  1. Immediately after adding funds to your account: On the payment confirmation page after topping up the budget of your main wallet, you can directly transfer all of the topped up budget to an underlying wallet of your liking. 
  2. From the Transfer budget page:
    1. Go to the Transfer budget page.
    2. Fill in the amount you want to transfer in the “Transfer” box. You can transfer money from your wallet back and forth.
    1. Select the wallet you want to transfer from in the “From” selector
    2. Select the wallet you want to transfer budget to in the “To” selector
    3. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
    4. Click “Transfer” to confirm your selection