I can't log in to Facebook when creating a brand

Being unable to connect your Facebook account to The Next Ad can be triggered by many reasons:

  1. Have you got any pop-up blocker in your browser?
  2. Have you got any ad blocker in your browser?
  3. Have you got too many extensions in your browser? 
  4. Which browser are you using? Above all, we recommend using Google Chrome.
  5. Finally, you might not have enough rights on the ad account connected to the brand on The Next Ad. Please, ask your manager to make you admin of the ad account so that you can connect your Facebook to The Next Ad.
  6. Have you got enough rights to your page? Please check that with your manager.

If none of these apply to your issue, please don't hesitate to contact us via the chat or by writing an email to success@thenextad.com.