The labels can be used in different ways. The ways we see that are used most by our customers are webcare-wise and report-wise. 

First of all, the webcare way. We see that webcare teams work a lot with labels such as Done, Compliment, Spam, Question and so on. So in this case, the labels are used to indicate the current state of the message or what kind of message it is. As we explained in the article 'Widgets and filters' you can use filters to find/see certain messages. You can also filter on labels. This way you can easily see which messages are already taken care off and which still need to be answered.

Second, labels can be used for reports. Do you need to report to other teams which subjects are talked about most or do you want to know yourself which subjects are talked about most by fans, you can add these subjects as labels (e.g. Defective products, Customer service, Hospitality and so on. Next, you can add a widget in the statistics dashboard concerning labels to see how often labels are assigned to a message.

Here you can read about how you can assign a label once they're added to MI.

Media Injection has a maximum number of 50 labels. Note that by deleting a label the associated statistics will also be deleted.


MI Tip: Give a weight to your labels to decide the order of the labels. The 3 with the biggest weight will come up as top 3 at your message options. This way you can create a top 3 to improve your workflow even further!